Main image: Michele Hermans, Moomba (detail), 2018. Screenprint.
Image above: Michele Hermans, In the shadow, 2019.

Through My Eyes

I left Australia in 1991 to make Finland my home, however it is not Nordic landscapes that inspire me. It is the eclectic architecture and bustling streets of Melbourne, and the nature and country
life of rural Victoria where I grew up, that are depicted in my screenprints. These images are evocative of why Australia, even after decades of living abroad, still feels like home.
My process begins with a scene that catches my eye through the lens of my camera. I then transform the photographic image into a digital illustration by removing colour and tone. Layer by layer I reveal the hidden details. Using black ink on white paper my final print is reminiscent of comic book style images.
Michele Hermans
Exhibition: Friday 21 February – Sunday 31 May
Location: Mildura Arts Centre

Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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