Image: Katy Mutton, Pledge, 2014. 
Image: Katy Mutton, The Picket Sentinels installation.

The Picket Sentinels

Katy Mutton

The Picket Sentinels is a major installation derived from the Post War Project, which began in 2014.
The work explores the physical state of returned servicemen who were allocated blocks of land at Red Cliffs, Victoria, after WWI. The intention is to shift the viewer’s image of man as soldier, to the man (and one woman, a nurse) as survivor.
Many ex-servicemen who moved onto the land suffered from long term war related injuries including lung damage, deafness, loss of limbs and psychological trauma.
Performance by CJ Bowerbird  

CJ Bowerbird is an award winning spoken word artist and poet who has been working with Katy over the last 4 years responding to her research. 
He performed his poem, 'Keeping our Heads Down' at the opening event.

You can buy the poem at the Box Office. 
Friday 2 November – Sunday 16 December
Mildura Arts Centre Gallery

Free Entry
Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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