Saturday 8 August

Facebook and YouTube Live
Time: 2pm

Social Drawing at Home

We are back with Social Drawing at Home on Saturday 8 August. at 2pm (AEST) live on Facebook and YouTube.

Inspired by the current Mildura Arts Centre Collection exhibition, MidNAG Poetry Posters exhibition, the next fun session of Social Drawing at Home will combine drawing, images and words to create poems.
To get the most out of the session, have a look around your home to see if you have:
Plain A4 copy paper or journal
Household catalogues and/or old magazines/newspapers (for cutting up)
Your favourite drawing materials: pencils, pens, textas, crayons, etc.
(Optional extras: stickers, stencils, washi tape)

We can't wait to draw, and write poetry with you!

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Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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