Image: Jocelyn Rawlins, Accepting Destiny.

My Migration Story

Floor Talk 

Zia Ibrahimi will share his story as part of the Making Home: Mildura Migration Stories project.
In conversation with artist Jocelyn Rawlins, Zia Ibrahimi will discuss the work from Making
Home: Mildura Migration Stories, ‘Accepting Destiny: A photo essay of a boy's escape
from the Taliban’, and his inspirational journey from Afghanistan to Mildura.

Zia's journey and experiences escaping the Taliban have shaped his development from a young man
into a leader, in both the local Hazara and wider Sunraysia communities.
Date: Saturday 20 July
Location: Mildura Arts Centre
Time: 11am
Duration: 60 minutes
Free Entry
Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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