Telling Stories: Collage, Colour and Paper Cutting Workshop

Pia Larsen

In this workshop exhibiting artist Pia Larsen explores ideas from her
exhibition Dreams of Another Life and demonstrates some of the processes she used to make the work in the exhibition.

Workshop participants will learn ways to re-interpret their own, found or archival images and how pattern, colour and collage can be used to communicate ideas and create mood and atmosphere. 

Recommended for ages 16+

Recommended materials 
Images on paper no thinner than A4 photocopy paper:
Can be photographs of any subject matter, printed on gloss or matt paper at home or at printing places like Officeworks.
or scanned photos from family photo albums
or found images like postcards or old prints on heavy card in op shops like Vinnies.
Duplicates of the same image at three different sizes or different images at three different sizes
Three bigger sheets of coloured/black/white or grey paper, A3 size
Scalpel with new blade
Watercolour paint or gouache (available from craft stores and art shops)
Small paint brushes
Rice paste or archival glue
Cutting matt
Pens with nibs of different thicknesses and colours (available from craft stores and art shops)
Twine (coloured, black, white or grey)
Thick needle or nail in a cork or etching scribe to make holes in paper
Coloured and graphite pencils

Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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