Elliott Award

The Elliott Award recognises an outstanding contribution to the arts in our community, particularly where that contribution has not previously been formally acknowledged.

Previous recipients of the Award have been recognised for:
  • length of service to the arts
  • breadth of their contribution throughout the term of their involvement in the arts
  • encouragement and nurturing of children and youth in arts practice
  • championing of arts involvement to the broader community
  • creation of a significant positive community legacy to the development of the arts in our community.
The Elliott Award has been awarded to Des Tobin (2006), Tom McCullough (2007), Vaughan Stirrat (2008), Neil Noyce (2009), Mollie Kalms (2010), Shirley Bowie (2011), Neil Fettling (2012) Kay Sylvester (2013), Peta‑Lynne Buchanan and Janine Kerr (2014), Leonard (Len) Krause (2015), Yvonne Hedley (2016), Henry Tankard (2017), Mavis Francis (2018) and David Searle (2019).

Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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